I hired this company to spray insulation into my newly built steel construction home. They came in and did a very professional job enclosing the entire shell with open cell foam, sealing every conceivable leak. I have been very pleased with the results and ascribe my low utility bills to it!

Pete, Memphis TN

Apex Building Company provided whole house residential spray foam insulation for my new home in Jackson, TN. They did an excellent professional job. I would recommend them for any insulation job of any size!

George, Jackson TN

Apex was very professional and knew about the product they were selling. I talked to several spray foam contractors and none of them were as knowledgeable as Michael at Apex. They cleaned up well and made sure things were done to suit me. I Highly Recommend them for anything spray foam or insulation!

Jarrin, Memphis TN

I have seen the Spray Foam system before, but only in the home improvement shows on TV. I was introduced to APEX by my contractor, and was convinced to try it on my home in Nashville TN. Couldn’t be happier! Great return on investment.

Mike, Nashville TN

We love the spray foam you did for our home. Added 900 square ft, you put 6″ foam in our roof 3 years ago over the upstairs addition. Our energy bills didn’t go up a penny – just shows how much heat we were losing in the winter and letting in the attic in the summer. Great investment!

spray foam Nashville testimonial
Ernie, Jackson TNOwner Mainstream Green Solutions