APEX Building Company provides high quality epoxy & polyurethane floor coatings to Memphis, Nashville, Jackson, and all across the State of Tennessee. If you’re looking to give your floor a coating that will improve looks, make for easy clean up, withstand abuse, & improve the resale value of your property let us help! Epoxy & Polyurethane flooring is a great way to protect against virtually everything! APEX Building Company is dedicated to providing the finest and most unique epoxy & urethane flooring solutions to Nashville and surrounding areas.

Industries served:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Restaurant & Food Industries
  • Automotive Garages
  • Government Buildings
  • Schools & Universities

Whether you are looking for a floor coating for a health care laboratory, a factory floor, or any other commercial application, APEX Building Company has the expertise to help you find exactly what you need for your specific application. We are here to guide you through the process start-to-finish.

Benefits of industrial floor coatings:

  • NOT a cheap paint coating that flakes off. These are thick 100% solid epoxy coatings that are permanent.
  • Unlimited color options including decorative flakes & grains.
  • Extremely durable & resistant to salts, water, petrochemicals, & other toxic chemicals
  • Will not stain like concrete
  • Protects concrete foundation
  • Very low maintenance & easy to clean
  • Quick install time (1-2 days depending on climate)

Industrial Floor Coatings in Tennessee

We provide commercial floor coatings to new constructions as well as already existing concrete flooring. If you’re looking for industrial floor coatings for the high traffic areas inside your structure, APEX has a solution for you! Whether you are a auto garage, hospital, laboratory, prison, school, military, or an airplane hangar we have a floor coating that will suit your needs! Contact APEX online today by filling out the contact form, or call us at 888-581-1783 for a FREE quote!