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When having spray polyurethane foam applied in your home, a school setting, or other type of building it is important to educate yourself on the safety risks. There are steps you can take to help reduce and/or prevent exposure to chemicals in spray polyurethane foam products.

Ways to be informed:

Educate yourself on the products being applied by reading product literature. Gather information on potential health effects and safe handling procedures for chemical and products being used or installed in home/building by contractors. Individuals with a history of skin conditions, respiratory allergies, asthma, or prior isocyanate sensitization should carefully review product information when considering the use of spray foam products and may want to consider alternatives.

Questions to ask your installer:

Do your research when selecting a contractor, check licenses, and insurance.  Ask your contractor questions about where spray polyurethane foam will be applied? What is the best time of year to apply spray polyurethane foam products? Can weather conditions impact the installation of spray polyurethane foam products? What are the stages of the application process?

Safe Re-Occupancy:

Talk to your contractor about re-occupancy guidelines before installation begins. When having spray polyurethane foam products installed, it is recommended to relocate occupants in the building, including pets. It is recommended when applying spray polyurethane foam products in a school to have it installed while school is out of session, and no one will be in the building. The timeframe for reentry to the building will vary based on several factors, please check with your installer to receive a safe timeframe for reentry after the spray foam product has been applied.

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